Nina Pedersen: Time Is A Restless Thief


Born in Norway, Nina Pedersen sang and played guitar from early childhood. After studying arranging and choral conducting in Oslo, she sang in musical theatre before moving to Rome where she has remained based.

She also studied in the USA, and among several noted artists and teachers with whom she had learning contact there are Mark Murphy, Sheila Jordan, Jay Clayton and Judy Niemack. Currently, she performs as a solo artist and also appears with the Moonlight Big Band, Saxophobia, Mata Hari, and the Northern Lines trio. She is founder, arranger and conductor of the a cappella jazz choir ConCorde.

While Pedersen’s vocal sound is light, her assured delivery brings strength to the messages conveyed in the mature lyrics. These lyrics and the music of all the songs are her own and demand attention, as might be deduced from the press release: “Her melodies and lyrics seem to be searching for something yet undiscovered from one line to the other, and it leaves the listeners looking within themselves.”

That these words appear to imply uncertainty at source should not mislead listeners as the lyrics, sung in English with clear diction, are thoughtful and thought-provoking. The tunes, pleasingly simple melodies, are appropriate for the atmosphere. The accompanying trio support the singer and enhance the thoughtful mood. Guest Paolo Innarella has some good solo moments, especially on flute, and the string quartet adds depth to the ensemble sound on the two tracks on which they appear.

Leave Me Here; Shaky Waters; I Didn’t See It Coming; Carousel; Pale Was The Color Of My Heart; The River Knows; Time Is A Restless Thief; Throwback; Sunflower (47.00)
Pedersen (v); Pieropaolo Principato (p, elp); Marco Loddo (b); Giampaolo Scatozza (d, elec on Carousel, The River Knows); and guests Paolo Innarella (f, s, on Leave Me Here, Carousel, Pale Was The Color, Throwback); and string quartet (on Shaky Waters, Time Is A Restless Thief): Leonardo Spinedi, Fabiola Guadio (vn); Morian Taddei (vla); Emitia Slugocka (clo); Marco Tiso (arr). Rome, 16, 17 September 2019.
Losen LOS 241-2

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nina-pedersen-time-is-a-restless-thiefWhile Pedersen’s vocal sound is light, her assured delivery brings strength to the messages conveyed in the mature lyrics.