Sonia Schiavone: Come-Eden!


Italian vocalist Sonia Schiavone has studied under the tutelage of a number of singers and vocal coaches, including the incomparable Sheila Jordan, resulting in a style that clearly belongs within the jazz orbit. Her phrasing is of note, even if the voice has that little-girl-lost element to it on occasion. Her choice of material, including works from Mingus, Corea, Monk and Tyner, is impeccable, although her scatting would not disturb those with more flexible tonsils.

After getting past the opening My Favorite Things (not always a favourite) we are into less frivolous territory with Autumn Nocturne revealing a warm treatment from the singer and a complimentary bass solo. The following four tunes include three Schiavone originals, the most effective being the ballad We Will Forget Him, a quite arresting experience, enhanced by the inclusion of Virone’s tenor.

Thereafter, the singer gives a creditable reading of Weird Nightmare, attaches her own lyrics to Chick Corea’s Windows, captures the essence of Reflections in interpreting the words of Jon Hendricks and winds things up confidently in Contemplation – the piano and bass of Gorlier and Profita seeming to strike the right mood for each selection.

This is jazz delivered with a slight Italian accent, proving to be a more than pleasant experience.

(1) My Favorite Things; Autumn Nocturne; Come – Eden!; Day; Aspetto Il Silenzio; (2) We Will Forget Him; (1) Weird Nightmare; Windows; Reflections; (2) Contemplation (40.33)
(1) Schiavone (v); Fabio Gorlier (p); Stefano Profeta (b). 30 September – 1 October, 2019. (2) as (1) but add Gianni Virone (ts).
Da Vinci Jazz C00260