Zhenya Strigalev & Federico Dannemann: The Change


If climate change and the rising temperatures it’s triggering are the shape of things to come, then music as busy as this is likely to become more uncommon, not least because of the surely sapping effort it takes to play it.

The album runs the gamut from the very busy to the hyperactive and to be sure an awful lot of notes get played, which yer actual jazz hack finds a little saddening as all four musicians are undoubtedly capable of deeper things than the consequent bluster they work up.

Pulse is as close to lyricism as it gets, but even here Calvaire comes over all Billy Cobham in his fear of air and space, and while the music manages to breathe, there’s still spirit-sapping claustrophobia to contend with.

Algo Rhythm; Pulse; Boo; Coquille Du Terre; Speed Up; The Change; Total Silence; Pank (53.42)
Strigalev (as, ss, v); Federico Dannemann (g, v); Luques Curtis (b); Obed Clavaire (d). St. Petersburg, Russia. June 2018.
Rainy Day Records RAINY003