Mixcity: Transeo


A recurring theme in almost two decades of Mixcity’s music is their openness to collaborating across genres. Amongst the French funksters’ fellow travellers on Transeo are a horde of guest vocalists including Grey Reverend (Cinematic Orchestra), Billy Sedlmayr (Giant Sand) and US hip-hop stars Raashan Ahmad and Baba Israel.

Other than the reflective You Are Not Alone, thankfully no relation to Michael Jackson and R Kelly’s mawkish ballad, the album is dominated by heavy grooves.

With scant space for even the briefest of solos, Cosset grabs a couple of furtive piano breaks on No More Than A Feeling and The Freaky Show, and the latter has a delicious Meters-like vamp.

Along with Cheick Tidiane Seck’s evocative cameo on Kotéké Ni Komalon and the churning Afro-beat of Music Is The Key, it is one of few real highlights on this lavishly produced but ultimately disappointing set.

Soul; Faded Flowers; No More Than A Feeling; Fly With Me; You Are Not Alone; Opening Night; The Freaky Show; Kotéké Ni Komalon; Inner Child; Music Is The Key; Heavy Dance (39.00)
Jean-Patrick Cosset (p, org); Arthur Pelloquet (elg, v); Sylvain Didou (b, elb); Gilles Delagrange (d) and guest vocalists Raashan Ahmad (1); Brian Lopez (2); Mr. Reed (4); Grey Reverend (5); Cheick Tidiane Seck (8); Billy Sedlmayr (9); Baba Israel (10); Laurent Allinger (11). Studio Znprk, Nantes, no date, 2017.
AMP Music AT049