Binker And Moses: Feeding The Machine

Improvising saxophone and drum duo do perfectly well alone, electronics adding a fascinating but not always complementary extra dimension


These two musicians practise spontaneous, free, collective improvisation and are very well integrated in their duo music. They can work with a simple melody, the development of a basic theme or even no theme at all. They work in all three formats here. They have also added the tape loops and electronic effects of Max Luthert on this new programme.

Asyncronous Intervals begins with just tenor sax lines, soon to be joined by drums and then electronics. Binker’s tenor sax carves out modern improvised lines as Moses plays virtually continuous drum solos in support. The sturdy tenor lines are pure improvisation here with only the very sketchiest sign of a theme. The tape loops and electronics form a commentary to their work in essence, occasionally appearing to provide the bones of a bass line.

Active-Multiple-Fetish-Overlord begins with just tenor and drums and they are joined after a while by an electronic commentary. Accelerometer Overdose is certainly well named as the continuous ultra-low frequency electronic throb threatens to overwhelm the music. This is the least successful track and if you have bass controls on your amplifier it might be advantageous to set them to minimum output.

On Side B the music proceeds much as before with the electronic effects used a little more sparingly except for one instance where the horn and drums lay out. After The Machine Settles is fragmentary from Binker and Moses with selected electronic interjections. Binker will often take a little melodic fragment and work with it in improvised format until he builds it up sufficiently as Moses provides constant commentary on the drums.

I personally prefer to hear these two on their own with their penchant for contemporary improvised statements, nods to the tradition and impressive two-way rapport but the electronic effects add an extra dimension to their music and make this a fascinating release. Watch your ears though on that Accelerometer Overdose.

Asynchronous Intervals; Active-Multiple-Fetish-Overlord; Accelerometer Overdose; Feed Infinite; After The Machine Settles; Because, Because (49.54)
Binker Golding (ts, ss); Moses Boyd (d). Max Luthert (live tape loops & electronic effects). Real World Studio, 29-31 March 2021.
Gearbox 1576