Fabled: Short Stories


You may already have heard London-based Mancunian Sam Rapley on recent Edition releases by Misha Mullov-Abbado and Ralph Wyld. He’s a lyrical saxophonist with a distinctly English sound and this full-length debut by his group Fabled showcases eight of his crisp and heavily cinematic compositions, each with a very different story to tell.

Unmistakably centred in the contemporary European mainstream, Rapley isn’t afraid to show his appreciation for classical and folk influences. The energies of Munk and Robinson are a particularly effective foil for the leader’s somewhat cooler head, while the mildly disruptive Chaplin and Glaser never stop probing.

Sam Rapley (ts, bcl, cl); Matt Robinson (p); Alex Munk (elg); Conor Chaplin (b); Will Glaser (d). London, October 2016.
Pictor Records 002