The 937 albums reviewed in Jazz Journal in 2018

A.T.A.: Acoustic Tarab Alchemy (Odradek 701)
Aarum, Anders: Shakin’ Our Souls (Ozella 088)
About Aphrodite: Membran Music/Polaris (Floating World 043)
Ackamoor, Idris/The Pyramids: An Angel Fell (Strut 164)
Adderley, Cannonball: Somethin’ Else (State Of Art 81210)
Adderley, Cannonball: Them Dirty Blues (Jazz Images 24738)
Adderley, Cannonball/Miles Davis: Somethin’ Else The Stereo & Mono Versions (Green Corner 100896)
ADHD6: ADHD6 (Self released)
Adolfo, Antonio/Orquestra Atlantica: Encontros (AAM 0712)
Aerie: Sonic (QFTF 041)
Aimée, Cyrille: Live (Mack Avenue 1139)
Ainsworth, Laura: New Vintage (Eclectus 1003)
Alain’s Tonejuice: Rouge Foncé (Calygram 51344,
Alchemy Sound Project: Adventures In Time And Space (
Alesbrook, Gary: Jazz In Movies (
Alexander, Eric: Song Of No Regrets (HighNote 7311)
Alexander, Joey: Eclipse (Motema 0271)
Alexander, Monty: Here Comes The Sun (MPS 0212406MSW)
Alexander, Tommy/Keith Williams: West Coast Series (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 965)
Allen, Brandon: The Gene Ammons Project (RTJR 001)
Allen, JD: Lovestone (Savant 2169)
Alma Brasileira: Viagem Nova (Fresh Sound World Jazz FSWJ 049)
Altschul, Barry: The 3Dom Factor/Live In Kraków (Not Two MW960)
Amargant, Gabriel: Gabriel Amargant Trio (Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 546)
Ambrose & His Orchestra: When Day Is Done (Retrospective 4338)
Ambrosio, David: Four On The Road (Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 552)
Amihai, Yuval: I Ain’t Got Nothin’ But The Blues (Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 551)
Anatma: Anatma (Slam 586)
Andersen, Arild: In-House Science (ECM 671 6897)
Anderson, Matt: Rambling (Jellymould JM-JJ030)
Andersson, Richard: Nor (HHO5)
Andersson, Richard/NOR: The Six Of Us (richardanders
Andriotis, Strat: Night Manager (Dekatria 003)
Angel, Rebecca: What We Had (Timeless Groove 143)
Annes: Frost (Flugur 008)
Anthus: Calidoscòpic (Temps 1616-GE16)
Arguelles, Julian: Tonadas (Edition 1116)
Armstrong, Louis: The University Of Louis Armstrong 1925-1926 (HQ Discs 02)
Armstrong, Louis: Town Hall Concert Plus (RCA LPM 1443, vinyl)
Armstrong, Louis/All Stars: Live In Vancouver 1951 (Upbeat 277)
Armstrong, Louis/Dave Brubeck: The Real Ambassadors (Jazz Images 24737)
Armstrong, Louis/Dave Brubeck: The Real Ambassadors (Jazz Images 24737)
Arriale, Lynne: Give Us These Days (Challenge 3453)
Arthurs, Bob: Jazz It Up! Ukrainian Songs For Three Dads (Blue Griffin 461)
Arthurs, Tom: One Year (Ozella 077)
Arvanitas, Georges: Soul Jazz: Georges Arvanitas Quintet Sessions (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 961)
As Is, w. Alan & Stacey Schulman: Here’s To Life (
Ast, Miriam/Victor Gutierrez: Secret Songs (Mons 874613)
Atlantic Bridge: Atlantic Bridge (Esoteric 2604)
Atom String Quartet: Seifert (Zbigniew Seifert Foundation CD-FZS-1)
Atzmon, Gilad/The Orient House Ensemble: The Spirit Of Trane (Fanfare 1702)
Austin-Bishop, Allen: No One Is Alone (
Austin, Patti/James Morrison: Ella & Louis (ABC 481 6483)
B3: Get Up! Live At The A-Trane (Blackbird Music 201732)
Bahla: Imprints (Bahla Records 246)
Bailey, John: In Real Time (Summit 720)
Bailey, Pearl: Takes Two To Tango (Retrospective 4324)
Bain, Andrew: Embodied Hope (Whirlwind 4715)
Baker, Chet: And Crew (Jazz Images 38055)
Baker, Chet: Angel Eyes (Jazz Images 38064)
Baker, Chet: Chet Baker & Russ Freeman Quartet (Jazz Images 38059)
Baker, Chet: Complete Chet Baker Sings (Jazz Images 38057)
Baker, Chet: For Lovers (Jazz Images 38053)
Baker, Chet: In New York (Jazz Images 38056)
Baker, Chet: In Paris (New Continent 648044)
Baker, Chet: Live At Ann Arbor (Jazz Images 38061)
Baker, Chet: Live In London Volume II (Ubuntu 0014)
Baker, Chet: My Funny Valentine (Jazz Images 38058)
Baker, Chet: Sextet & Quartet (Jazz Images 38062)
Baker, Chet: Strings & Ensemble (Jazz Images 38060)
Baker, Chet/Art Pepper: Picture Of Heath (Jazz Images 38063)
Baker, Chet/Gerry Mulligan: Original Quartet (Jazz Images 38054)
Baker, Duck: Duck Baker Plays Monk (Triple Point 271)
Baker, Lorraine: Eden (Spark! 006)
Bales, Kevin/Keri Johnsrud: Beyond The Neighbourhood/Music Of Fred Rogers (
Ballantine, Charlie: Life Is Brief: The Music Of Bob Dylan (Green Mind 0004)
Bansangu Orchestra: Bansangu Orchestra (Pathway 0121)
Baptist, Maria: Resonance (Baptist 3033)
Barnard, Tony/Casey Golden: Inventions (Bondi Shed Productions 3504)
Barnes, Alan/David Newton: Ask Me Now (Woodville 150)
Barron, Kenny: Concentric Circles (Blue Note 6747897)
Bartra, Corina: Takunde (Blue Spiral 13)
Bartsch, Nik/Ronin: Awase (ECM 673 5867)
Basie-ites, The: How High The Moon (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 947)
Basie, Count: All About That Basie! (Concord CJA-00109)
Bates, Django/Belovèd: The Study Of Touch (ECM 573 2663)
Bechet, Sidney: Bechet Souvenirs (Vogue Jazz Club 003)
Bechet, Sidney: Essential Original Albums (Masters of Music 545508)
Beck, Gordon: Jubilation! (Turtle 501)
Beck, Gordon: When Sunny Gets Blue (Turtle 502)
Beets, Marius: This Is Your Captain Speaking (Maxanter 74607)
Beier, Chris: Scarborough Variations (ACT 9760)
Beirach, Richie: Inborn (Jazzline N 77049)
Beirne, Beverley: Jazz Just Wants To Have Fun (BBR 0002)
Beneke, Tex: The Glenn Miller Formula Part Six (Sounds Of Yester Year 2081)
Beneke, Tex/Glenn Miller: Hits Not Issued In Britain (Sounds Of Yester Year 2090)
Benko, Julie: Introducing (Self produced)
Bennett, Tony/Diana Krall: Love Is Here To Stay (Decca)
Bennington, Jimmy/Steve Cohn: Albany Park (Slam 587)
Bentyne, Cheryl: ReArrangements Of Shadows (Artist Share 0157)
Benzie, Alan: Little Mysteries (Alan Benzie 1801)
Berg, Espen: Bølge (Odin CD9559)
Berg, Oddgeir: Before Dawn (Ozella 72)
Berger, Bengt/Beches Brew: Beches Indian Brew (Country & Eastern 38)
Berger, Rudi: Contemplation (ATS 0896)
Bergonzi, Jerry: Dog Star (Savant 2163)
Berigan, Bunny: Bunny Berigan & His Boys Feb 1936 – Feb 1937 (Retrieval 79083)
Bethea, Mica: Suite Theory (
Bevan, Sam: Emergence (
Biali, Laila: Laila Biali (ACT 9041)
Biel, Julia: Julia Biel (RKT 050/KH013)
Binker And Moses: Alive In The East? (Gearbox 1547)
Björkenheim, Raoul/Ecstasy: Doors Of Perception (Cuneiform Rune 443)
Bjornstad, Ketil: A Suite Of Poems (ECM 672 8356)
Black Art Jazz Collective: Armor Of Pride (HighNote 7313)
Blade, Brian/The Fellowship: Body And Shadow (Blue Note, no number)
Blakey, Art/Duke Jordan: Les Liaisons Dangereuses + Des Femmes Disparaissent (Essential Jazz Classics 55731)
Blakey, Art/The Jazz Messengers: Complete Concert At Club Saint Germain (Essential Jazz Classics 55745)
Blanchard, Terence/The E Collective: Live (Blue Note 6746254)
Blanco y Negro: Timbero (Stunt 17142)
Blanco, Eduardo: Childhood Memories/International Quartet Vol.1 (eduardo
Blicher Hemmer Gadd: Omara (C-Nut 09)
Block, Dan: Block Party (A Saint Louis Connection) (Miles High 8628)
Blue Note/All Stars: Our Point Of View (Blue Note, no number)
Blythe, Arthur: Elaborations/Light Blue/Arthur Blythe Plays Thelonious Monk/Put Sunshine In It (Beat Goes On 1304)
Bollani, Stefano/Jazz At Berlin Philharmonic VIII: Mediterraneo (ACT 9849)
Boman, Patrik/Ambivalent: Soul Searching (PB7 033)
Bonnel, Jean-Francois/And His Jazz Cats: With Thanks To Benny Carter (Arbors 19452)
Bowden, Chris: Unlikely Being (UK Vibe 25)
Braden, Don: Earth Wind And Wonder (Creative Perspective Music 3005)
Brahem, Anouar: Blue Maqams (ECM 576 7265)
Brann, Craig: Lineage (SteepleChase 31847)
Bridgewater, Dee Dee: Memphis… Yes, I’m Ready (Okeh 88985406112)
Bro, Jakob: Returnings (ECM 670 5850)
Broder, Owen/The American Roots Project: Heritage (ArtistShare, no number)
Brönner, Till/Dieter Ilg: Nightfall (Okeh 889854921125)
Brooks, Sylvia: The Arrangement (
Brown Jr, Oscar: Between Heaven & Hell + Sin & Soul (Soul Jam 600912)
Brown, Ruth: Miss Rhythm (Pure Pleasure PPAN SD 18026, vinyl)
Brubeck Brothers/Quartet: Timeline (Blue Forest 18-03001)
Brubeck, Dave: Gone With The Wind (Jazz Images 24740)
Brubeck, Dave/Quartet: Bossa Nova U.S.A (State Of Art 81242)
Brumburgh, Gary: Moonlight (Café Pacific 888295778565)
Burke, Solomon: King Solomon (Pure Pleasure PPAN 18158, vinyl)
Butcher Brown: Live At Vagabond (Gearbox 1542)
Byars, Chris: New York City Jazz (Steeplechase 31842)
Bzhezhinska, Alina: Inspiration (Ubuntu 0008)
Calvo, Bruno: Outlines (Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 548)
Camilo, Michel: Live In London (Redondo Music 191924129394)
Campisi, Laura: Double Mirror (
Cardoso, Elizete/Moacyr Silva: Sax Vox No.2 + Sax Voz (Aquarela Do Brasil 531001)
Carter, Daniel/Hilliard Greene/David Haney: Live Constructions (Slam 589)
Carter, Ron/Donald Vega & Russell Malone: Golden Striker (In + Out 77133)
Catherine, Philip: Selected Works 1974-1982 (Warner Music 0 190295 857097)
Cervini’s, Ernesto/Turboprop: Rev (Anzic 0059)
Charette, Brian: Backup (SteepleChase 31836)
Charette, Brian/George Coleman: Groovin’ With Big G (SteepleChase 31857)
Cherrie, Mark: Joining The Dots (Trio 599)
Choi, Jungsu/Tiny Orkester: Tschüss Jazz Era (Challenge 73451)
Clark, Sonny: Four Classic Albums (Avid Jazz 1250)
Clarke, Stanley/Band: The Message (Mack Avenue 1116)
Clearfield, Rob: Wherever You’re Starting From (Woolgathering 0004)
Cline, Nels: Currents, Constellations (Blue Note 6742910)
Cline, Patsy: Three Classic Albums Plus (Avid Country 1313)
Cloudmakers Five: Traveling Pulse (Whirlwind 4719)
Cobham, Billy: Magic/Alivemutherforya (Beat Goes On 1327)
Coca, Demian: Paykuna (QFTF 035)
Cohen, Anat/Fred Hersch: Live In Healdsburg (Anzic 0061)
Cohen, Avishai: 1970 (Sony 88985462022)
Cohn, Al: The Jazz Workshop – Four Brass One Tenor (RCA Victor LPM-1161, vinyl)
Cole, Alexis/One For All: You’d Be So Nice To Come Home To (Venus 1046)
Cole, Freddy: My Mood Is You (HighNote 7312)
Cole, Nat “King”: Cole Español Greatest Hits (New Continent 648053)
Cole, Nat King: Four Classic Albums (Avid 1303)
Cole, Nat King: The Complete Nelson Riddle Studio Sessions (Music Milestones 983200)
Coleman, Ornette: The Atlantic Years (Atlantic 0081227940690)
Coleman, Ornette: The Road To Free Jazz/The Early Years 1958-61 (Acrobat 3245)
Collective X: Love & Protest (Two Rivers 032)
Colman, Sara: What We’re Made Of (Stoney Lane 1968)
Coloma, Lluís/Carl Sonny Leyland: Telling Our Stories (Swing Alley 034)
Coltrane, John: Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album (Impulse! 00602567493013, vinyl)
Coltrane, John: Both Directions At Once: The Lost Album (Impulse! 02567 49299, CD)
Coltrane, John: Giant Steps (Green Corner 100893)
Coltrane, John: My Favorite Things (Green Corner 100895)
Coltrane, John: Olé Coltrane (State Of Art 81238)
Coltrane, John/Quartet: Africa/Brass (State Of Art 81249)
Colyer, Ken/With The Crane River Jazz Band: The Cranes Fly Again (Upbeat Jazz 281)
Colyer’s, Ken/All Stars: Colyer At Wimbledon (Upbeat 275)
Connelly, Peggy: Hollywood Sessions (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 964)
Cordez, Greg: Last Things Last (
Corea, Chick/Steve Gadd Band, The: Chinese Butterfly (Stretch/Concord Jazz, no number)
Cosentino, Filippo: Andromeda (Nau 1309)
Cosker, Alyn: KPF (NYLA 01)
Costello, Julian: Transitions (33 Jazz 268)
Crabbe, Shirley: Bridges (MaiSong Music 2018)
Crawford, Kizzy/Gwilym Simcock/With Sinfonia Cymru: Birdsong (Basho 54)
Crayton, Pee Wee: 1960 Debut Album (Soul Jam 600914)
Crowd Company: Stone & Sky (Vintage League 003)
Cuber, Ronnie: Live At Montmartre (Storyville 1018458)
Cuber, Ronnie: Ronnie’s Trio (SteepleChase 31848)
Curtis, Jason Paul: These Christmas Days (
Dagan, Ori: Nathaniel: A Tribute To Nat King Cole (ScatCat 03)
Dahlen, Erland: Clocks (Hubro 2595)
Dale, Eyolf: Return To Mind (Edition 1106)
Damone, Vic: On The Street Where You Live (Retrospective 4333)
Daniels, Eddie: Heart Of Brazil (Resonance 1027)
Danko, Harold: Triple Play (SteepleChase 31839)
Daversa, John: Wobbly Dance Flower (BFM 302 062 438 2)
Davidson, Roger: Music From The Heart (Soundbrush 1039)
Davis, Miles: Ascenseur Pour L’Echafaud (State Of Art 81213)
Davis, Miles: Birth Of The Cool (Essential Jazz Classics 55749)
Davis, Miles: Miles In Berlin (CBS 62 976, vinyl from speakerscorner
Davis, Miles: Rubberband EP (Warner Bros/Rhino R1 565639, vinyl)
Davis, Miles/Bill Evans: Complete Studio & Live Masters (One Records 59807)
Davis, Sammy Jr.: The 1961-62 Marty Paich Sessions (Jackpot 48776)
De Villers, Michel: Low Reed (Fresh Sound FSR 951)
Delor, Thomas: The Swaggerer (Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 553)
Dharmawan, Dwiki: Rumah Batu (Moonjune 092)
Di Meola, Al: Elegant Gypsy & More Live (e.a.r Music)
Di Meola, Al: Opus (e.a.r Music, no number)
Dial & Oatts/Rich DeRosa/The WDR Big Band: ReDiscovered Ellington (Zoho 201707)
Diaz, Olegario: I Remember Chet (SteepleChase 31853)
Dingler, Jeff: In Transit (
Dinosaur: Wonder Trail (Edition 1111)
Dirigo Rataplan: Dirigo Rataplan (Rataplan 001)
Donin, Liran/1000 Boats: 8 Songs (Cavalo 001)
Doran, Christy: Undercurrent (Intuition 71326)
Dørge, Pierre: Soundscapes (SteepleChase 31846)
Dorham, Kenny: Four Classic Albums, Second Set (Avid 1300)
Dorsey, Jimmy: The Jimmy Dorsey Hits Collection 1935-57 (Acrobat 7511)
Dorsey, Tommy: Tenderly: The Best Of The Decca Years (Sepia 1322)
Doty, Ellen: Come Fall (Alma ACD32182)
Dowling, Sara: Two Sides Of Sara (SD1802 (
Downes, Bob/Open Music: A Blast From The Past (Openian 20218)
Downes, Bob/Open Music: Let Your Mind…Space Out (Openian 22807)
Downes, Kit: Obsidian (ECM 578 2651)
Dr John: Remedies/Desitively Bonnaroo (Beat Goes On 1326)
Draw By Four: Framework (Jellymould 029)
DuBois, Scott: Autumn Wind (ACT 9856)
Duni, Elina: Partir (ECM 670 8641)
Duran, Hilario: Contumbao (Alma 92272)
Eastwood, Kyle: In Transit (Jazz Village 570146)
Eberhard, Silke/Sandy Evans: What She Sees (Rufus 120)
Echoes Of Swing: Travelin’ (ACT 9104)
Eeg, Sinne: Dreams (Stunt 17112)
Eick, Mathias: Ravensburg (ECM 671 0239)
Einarsson, Tomas R./Eypor Gunnarsson: Innst Inni (Blanott 017)
Eisenmann, Henrique: The Free Poetics Of Henrique Eisenmann (rpr 14599-4429)
Eldridge, Roy/Richie Kamuca: At The Half Note New York City (Sounds Of Yester Year 2079)
Elephant 9: Greatest Show On Earth (Rune Grammofon 2198)
Eleventh House/Larry Coryell: Level One (Floating World 6315)
Elgart, Larry: Music In Motion! (Blue Moon 896)
Elias, Elaine: Music From Man Of La Mancha (Concord Jazz no number supplied)
Eljazz Big Band: After The Catastrophe (Zaiks/
Elkins, Marty: Fat Daddy (Nagel Heyer 124)
Elling, Kurt: The Questions (Okeh 88985492832)
Ellington, Duke: Piano In The Background (Columbia CS 8346, vinyl from
Ellis, Don: Shock Treatment/Autumn (Beat Goes On 1333)
Ellis, Don: Tears Of Joy/Connection (Beat Goes On 1317)
Ellis, Joy: Life On Land (F-IRE 96)
Emmeluth’s Amoeba: Polyp (Øra Fonogram 125)
Enemy: Enemy (Edition 1112)
Eno, Roger: Dust Of Stars (Painted Word 1)
Eriksen, Espen/Andy Sheppard: Perfectly Unhappy (Rune Grammofon 2199)
Ersan, Oytun: Fusiolicious (
Erskine, Peter/The Dr.Um Band: Second Opinion (Fuzzy Music 024)
Ervin, Booker: The Good Book The Early Years 1960-62 (Acrobat 7121)
Esche: Der Dichter Spricht (QFTF 055)
Escoffery, Wayne: Vortex (Sunnyside 1499)
Esperanza, Alejandro-Marino Garcimartin: Compañeros De Aventuras (Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 1008)
Estrand, Lars: Good Vibes At The Pawnshop Jazz Club (Proprius 9558)
Evans, Bill: New Jazz Conceptions (Poll Winners 27364)
Evans, Bill: The Classic Trio 1959-61 (Acrobat 3252)
Evans, Bill: The Complete Village Vanguard Recordings, 1961 (Riverside 36005-01, vinyl)
Evans, Bill: The Quiet Passion Of Bill Evans (Él Records 329)
Fairweather, Digby: Digby Fairweather Meets Danny Moss (Rose Cottage 008)
Faitelson, Dalia: Powered By Life (Losen 199)
Falzone, Giovanni: Pianeti Affini (Cam Jazz 7915)
Farell, Fred: Distant Song (Whaling City Sound 103)
Farrell, Joe: Joe Farrell Quartet/Outback/Moon Germs (Beat Goes On 1346)
Fazola, Irving: My Inspiration – His 26 Finest (Retrospective 4337)
Feather, Lorraine: Math Camp (Relarion 314)
Ferguson, Maynard: M.F. Horn 4 & 5 / Live At Jimmy’s (Beat Goes On 1307)
Ferguson, Maynard: Memories Of Maynard/The Best Of The Columbia Years (SNR 005)
Finch, Catrin/Seckou Keita: Soar (Bendigedig 12)
Finnerud, Svein: Plastic Sun (Odin 9558)
Fire!: The Hands (Rune Grammofon 2197)
Fitzgerald, Ella: Sings The Cole Porter Song Book (Poll Winners 27363)
Fitzgerald, Ella: The Complete Birdland Broadcasts (Essential Jazz Classics 55726)
Fitzgerald, Ella: The Lost Recordings (FON-1704027)
Fitzgerald, Ella/& Her Fellas: The Complete 1942-1953 Vocal Duets (Essential Jazz Classics 55732)
Fitzgerald, Ella/Louis Armstrong: Porgy & Bess (State Of Art 81207)
Flying Horse Big Band: The Bat Swings (
Fol, Hubert: And His Be-Bop Minstrels (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 955)
Ford, Tennessee Ernie: Sixteen Tons (Retrospective 4329)
Forrest, Helen: With The Larry James Orchestra (Sounds Of Yester Year 2069)
Fox, Danny: The Great Nostalgist (Hot Cup 162)
Francel, Mulo: Mocca Swing (ACT 6020)
Francis, Zoe: Remembering Blossom Dearie (
Frank, Maurice: Mad Romance And Love (Jumo Music 1007)
Freeman, Mike/Zonavibe: Venetian Blinds (Vibes Out Front 2018-7)
Frisell, Bill: Music IS (Okeh 19075815002)
Fukumori, Michika: Piano Images (Summit 725)
Fukumori, Shinya: For 2 Akis (ECM 578 8817)
Fuller, Curtis: In New Orleans (Progressive 7178)
Fuller, Tia: Diamond Cut (Mack Avenue 1127)
Fusco, Andy: Turmoil (SteepleChase 31843)
Galvin, Elliot: The Influencing Machine (Edition 1103)
Gardner, Hilary/Ehud Asherie: The Late Set (Anzic 0060)
Gardot, Melody: Live In Europe (Decca 602557654882)
Garland, Tim: Weather Walker (Edition 1113)
Garner, Erroll: Nightconcert (Mack Avenue 1142)
Garton, Brad/Dave Soldier: The Brainwave Music Project (Mulatta 038)
Gayer, Matyas: Never Ending Story (Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 1009)
George, Camilla: The People Could Fly (Ubuntu Music 0015)
Get The Blessing: Bristopia (Kartel 08)
Getz, Stan: Stan Getz And The Oscar Peterson Trio (State Of Art 81237)
Getz, Stan/Lionel Hampton: Hamp & Getz (Jazz Images 24739)
Gewelt, Terje: Wow And Flutter (Resonant Music 26)
Gibbs, Georgia: The Georgia Gibbs Collection 1946-58 (Acrobat 3219)
Gibbs, Michael/Gary Burton Quartet: Festival 69 (Turtle 503)
Gibbs, Mike: Symphony Hall, Birmingham 1991 (Dusk Fire 116)
Gillespie, Dizzy: The Lost Recordings – Live At Singer Concert Hall (Fondamenta 1704028)
Gillespie, Dizzy/Dave Brubeck: Live At Newport (Sounds Of Yester Year DSOY2096)
Gillespie, Dizzy/His Orchestra: Gillespiana (Essential Jazz Classics 55751)
Gingery, Bob: Kittyhawk (Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT-544)
Glowering Figs: Glowering Figs (Slam 2104)
Goldings, Larry/Bernstein/Stewart: Toy Tunes (Pirouet 3100)
Golia, Vinny/Wind Quartet: Live At The Century City Playhouse (Dark Tree 08)
Goodman, Benny: Like A Bolt From The Blue (Halcyon 176)
Gordon, Dexter: Espace Cardin 1977 (Elemental 5990431)
Gordon, Dexter: The Resurgence Of + Doin’ Allright + Dexter Calling (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 944)
Gordon, Dexter: Tokyo 1975 (Elemental 5990528)
Gordon, John: Step By Step (Strata East 19760, vinyl)
Gould, Andrew: First Things First (OiM 1802)
Gould, Victor: Earthlings (Criss 1398)
Grdina, Gordon: Inroads (Songlines 1624)
Grdina, Gordon/The Marrow: Ejdeha (Songlines 2409)
Green, Danny: One Day It Will (OA2 22154)
Green, Grant: Funk In France/From Paris To Antibes (1969-1970) (Resonance 2033)
Green, Grant: Slick! Live At Oil Can Harry’s (Resonance 2034)
Griffin, Johnny/Eddie Lockjaw Davis: At Onkel Pö’s Carnegie Hall (Jazzline NDR N 77046)
Grissett, Danny: Remembrance (Savant 2165)
Guaraldi, Vince: A Charlie Brown Christmas (Craft 00061, vinyl)
Guarna, Tom: The Wishing Stones (Destiny 0016)
Guiliana, Mark/Jazz Quartet: Jersey (Motéma 0233)
Gurls: Run Boy, Run (Grappa 4571)
Gustavsen, Tord: The Other Side (ECM 675 1618)
Haastrup, Benita: Mørkefjell (Gateway Music/
Haggis Horns: One Of The Days (Haggis 002)
Hall, Edmond/Ralph Sutton: Live At Club Hangover (Sounds Of Yester Year 2076)
Hall, Jim: Concierto/Big Blues/Studio Trieste (Beat Goes On 1342)
Hall/Koenig/Idzerda: Three Way Conversations (Slam 580)
Halley, Rich: The Literature (Pine Eagle 011)
Haltli, Frode: Avant Folk (Hubro 2604)
Halvorsen, Erik Thormod: Social Call (Losen 189)
Halvorsen, Erik Thormod: Social Call (Losen 189)
Hamasyan, Tigran: For Gyumri (Nonesuch 7559-79325-7)
Hamilton, Jeff: Live From San Pedro (Capri 74147)
Hamilton, Linley: Making Other Arrangements (Teddy D 001/
Hammer, Jan: Oh, Yeah? (Float 6336)
Hampel, Gunter: Bounce (Intuition 713325)
Harian, Kent/Ted McNabb: East Coast Series (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 967)
Harris, Stefon/Blackout: Sonic Creed (Motéma)
Hart, Beryl: Retroactive (BH Records 942 –
Haugshøj, Morten: The Street Doctor (
Hawes, Pat: Live In London In 2000 (Jazz Crusade 3055)
Hayes, Elton: He Sings To A Small Guitar (Retrospective 4320)
Hayes, Tubby: A Little Workout (Acrobat 4396)
Hayes, Tubby: What Is This Thing Called Love? (Acrobat 2501)
Haynes, Phil/Free Country: 60/69 My Favourite Things (Corner Store Jazz 0117-0118)
HBH/Julian Priester: Signals From The Mind (Slam 588)
Heavyweights Brass Band: This City (
Heinen, Bruno: Mr. Vertigo (Babel 18151)
Heinonen, Aapo: Tara (Ozella 089)
Heise, Matthias/DRBB: The Beast (Giant Sheep Music 0392)
Hekselman, Gilad: Ask For Chaos (Motéma 0284)
Held, Pablo: Glow II (Pirouet 3102)
Held, Pablo: Investigations (Edition 1109)
Heliosonic Tone-tette: Heliosonic Toneways Vol.1 (ScienSonic 10)
Henderson, Eddie: Be Cool (Smoke Sessions 1802)
Henderson, Fletcher: A Study In Frustration (Poll Winners 27380)
Henriksen, Arve: The Height Of The Reeds (rune grammofon 2201)
Herman, Woody: The Wildroot Shows 1946 (Sounds Of Yester Year 2083)
Herman, Woody: The Woody Herman Collection 1937-56 (Acrobat 3221)
Herring, Vincent: Hard Times (Smoke Sessions 1708)
Hersch, Fred: Live In Europe (Palmetto 2192)
Hi-Lo’s, The: All Over The Place + And All That Jazz (Jackpot 48769)
Hi-Lo’s, The: All Over The Place + And All That Jazz (Jackpot 48769)
Hiromi/Edmar Castaneda: Live In Montreal (Telarc 00026)
Hitchcock, Alex: Live At The London And Cambridge Jazz Festivals (
Hitz, Bill/Greig McRitchie: West Coast Series: Jazz & Swing Orchestras (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 959)
Hobbs, Steve: Tribute To Bobby (Challenge 73433)
Hodeir, André: “Essais” Complete Paris & New York Sessions (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 945)
Hoenig, Ari: NY Standard (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 955)
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Paier-Valcic Quartet: Cinema Scenes (ACT 9845)
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Previte, Bobby: Rhapsody (Rare Noise 090)
Prima, Louis: “Swing It!” (Retrospective 4326)
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Pukl, Jure: Doubtless (Whirlwind 4724)
R+R=Now: Collagically Speaking (Blue Note 6755431)
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Reinhardt, Django: The Best Of/24 Classic Jazz Performances (State Of Art 81246)
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Rich, Buddy: The Lost Tapes (Lightyear Entertainment)
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Rogers, Shorty/And His Giants: A Rendezvous With (Sounds Of Yester Year 2073)
Rollins, Sonny: Way Out West (Craft Records 00021)
Rosnes, Renee: Beloved Of The Sky (Smoke Sessions 1801)
Royal Krunk Jazz Orchestra: Get It How You Live (Ropeadope 430)
Rudd, Roswell/Fay Victor/Lafayette Harris/Ken Filiano: Embrace (Rare Noise 085)
Run Logan Run: The Delicate Balance Of Terror (Weizenbaum 003)
Runswick, Daryl: Playdreaming (ASC 172)
Saft, Jamie: Blue Dream (Rare Noise 095)
Saft, Jamie: Solo A Genova (Rare Noise 088)
Salamander: Live At Northsea Jazz Festival (Wela 006)
Saluki: Saluki (Round2 011, vinyl)
Salvant, Cecile McLorin: The Window (Mack Avenue 1132)
Sanabria, Bobby: West Side Story (Jazzheads 1231)
Sanchez, Antonio: Bad Hombre (Cam Jazz 7919)
Sands, Christian: Facing Dragons (Mack Avenue 1143)
Santilli, Marco/CheRoba & Il Fiato Delle Alpi: La Stüa (Unit 4729)
Santilli, Marco/CheRoba: L’Occhio Della Betulla (Unit 4727)
Sassoon, Jeremy: Live (
Schaerer, Andreas: A Novel Of Anomaly (ACT 9853)
Scheen Jazzorkester/Jon Øystein Rosland: Temanoar (Losen 177)
Schneider, Maria/SWR Big Band: Big Bands Live (SWR Jazzhaus 469)
Scottish National Jazz Orchestra: Sweet Sister Suite (Spartacus 026)
Scouarnec, Gildas: Live At Radio France (Fresh Sound FSR 5058)
Scozzesi, Dolores: Here Comes The Sun (Café Pacific 14050)
Seal: Standards (Decca 5799479)
Segal-Garcia, Cathy: The Jazz Chamber (Dash Hoffman 1022)
Segal, Gene: Transformation (SteepleChase 31849)
Seifert, Zbigniew: Live In Solothurn (Wydawca CD-FZS-2)
Seifert, Zbigniew: Solo Violin (Wydawca CD-FZS-3)
Seim, Trygve: Helsinki Songs (ECM 675 1580)
Selwyn, Esmond: Renegade (Slam 291)
Selwyn, Esmond: The Way I Play (Slam 2107)
Series, David: Meerkat Parade (
Serra, Arturo: Locomotive (Swing Alley 033)
Shake Stew: Rise And Rise Again (Traumton 4663)
Shatner’s Bassoon: Disco Erosion (Wasp Millionaire/
Shavers, Charlie: Decidedly (Retrospective 4340)
Shaw, Artie: These Foolish Things: The Decca Years (Sepia 1314)
Shaw, Ian: Shine Sister Shine (Jazz Village 550005)
Shaw, Woody: Live In Bremen 1983 (Elemental 5990430)
Shaw, Woody: Tokyo ’81 (Elemental 5990529)
Shepard, Tommy/Richard Wess: West Coast Series (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 966)
Sheppard, Andy: Romaria (ECM 578 6980)
Sherman, Daryl: Lost In a Crowded Place (Audiophile 357)
Shew, Bobby: Class Reunion (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 946)
Shorter, Wayne: Emanon (Blue Note)
Siegel, Julian: Vista (Whirlwind 4717)
Simon, Edward: Sorrows & Triumphs (Sunnyside 1511)
Simone, Nina: The Colpix Singles (Stateside 0190295735869)
Sinan, Marc/Oguz Buyukberber: White (ECM 671 7054)
Sinatra, Frank: In The Wee Small Hours (Essential Jazz Classics 55735)
Sinatra, Frank: Songs For Swingin’ Lovers! (Essential Jazz Classics 55734)
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Skogstad, Hakon: Two Hands To Tango (Avantango 002)
Skov, Kira/Maria Faust: In The Beginning (Stunt 17012)
Skydive Trio: Sun Sparkle (Hubro 2596)
Slagle, Steve: Dedication (Panorama 007)
Slettahjell, Solveig: Live At Victoria Hall (Jazzland 377 916 7)
Sly & Robbie Meet Nils Molvaer: Nordub (Okeh 8898540642)
Small, Andrew: What Happens Now? (Ashwood 040)
Smith III, Walter: Twio (Whirlwind 4718)
Smith, Fraser & The Alibis: Fraser & The Alibis (
Smith, Lonnie/Dr: All In My Mind (Blue Note, no number)
Smith, Rudy: Glass World (Stunt 17082)
Smith, Steve/Vital Information NYC Edition: Heart Of The City (BFM 302 062 430 2)
Smith, Wadada Leo: Najwa (TUM 049)
Smith, Wadada Leo: Solo: Reflections And Meditations On Monk (TUM 053)
Smoczynski, Mateusz: Berek (Universal 576 107 1)
Smulyan, Gary: Alternative Contrafacts (SteepleChase 31844)
Snidero, Jim/& Jeremy Pelt: Jubilation! (Savant 2167)
Snowpoet: Thought You Knew (Edition 1105)
Soft Machine: Hidden Details (Dyad 029)
Solal, Martial: Solo Piano – Unreleased 1966 Los Angeles Sessions (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 943)
Solal, Martial: Solo Piano Vol. 2 (Fresh Sound FSR-CD 960)
Somsen, Jasper: A New Episode In Life Pt. II (Challenge 73437)
Son, Sungjae: Near East Quartet (ECM 676 5877)
Sonar/David Torn: Vortex (RareNoise 087)
Sons Of Kemet: Your Queen Is A Reptile (Impulse 6736432)
Sörensen, Claus: My Burnin’ Valentine (CVM 001)
Sosa, Omar/NDR Bigband: es:sensual (Otá 1030)
Sosa, Omar/Yilian Canizares: Aguas (Ota 1032)
Soskin, Mark: Upper West Side Stories (SteepleChase 31858)
South Florida Jazz Orchestra: The Music Of Gary Lindsay: Are We Still Dreaming (Summit 728)
Spaceheads: A New World In Our Hearts (Electric Brass 007)
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Thielemans, Toot: The Soul Of Toots Thielemans (Jazz Images 24735)
Thielemans, Toot: The Soul Of Toots Thielemans (Jazz Images 24735)
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Wollny, Michael: Wartburg (ACT 9862)
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Yokoi, Yuko: Verde (
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