2018 Jazz Journal rate card

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Advertising rates 2017 (ex VAT)
Whole page £700
Half page £370
Quarter page £185
Eighth page £95


Copy and publication dates 2018
Issue Copy date Publication
January 27 November 22 December
February 1 January 26 January
March 29 January 23 February
April 5 March 30 March
May 2 April 27 April
June 30 April
25 May
July 4 June 29 June
August 2 July 27 July
September 6 August
31 August
October 3 September 28 September
November 1 October 26 October
December 5 November
30 November
January 2018 26 November 21 December


Sizes (A4 format) Dimensions (mm)
Whole page bleed 216 x 303 (Safe type area 204 x 291)
Whole page 184 x 270
Half page horizontal bleed 216 x 151.5 (Safe type area 204 x 145.5)
Half page horizontal 184 x 133
Half page vertical 90 x 270
Quarter page 90 x 133
Eighth page horizontal 90 x 64
Eighth page vertical 42 x 133


About Jazz Journal

With affordable rates and a readership of around 7500 dedicated jazz followers Jazz Journal (est. 1948) offers unrivalled opportunities to advertisers. Reader per pound Jazz Journal delivers better value than any other UK jazz magazine and the value increases where advertisers take advantage of our series discounts and special offers.

These options combined with a range of editorial possibilities in print and online at jazzjournal.co.uk (with stories disseminated globally via Google) make Jazz Journal an essential destination for jazz labels, publishers, distributors, promoters and musicians


Resolution Effective resolution: Colour and grayscale at least 300dpi. Bitmap at least 1200dpi.
Colour spaces CMYK or grayscale.
Colour management All files should be supplied without colour management/profiles.We will take no responsibility for incorrect reproduction caused by embedded colour management information.
Transparency Supplied files should not contain any transparency

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