The print edition

The December 2018 edition was the last print edition of Jazz Journal before the magazine moved entirely online to on 19th January 2019.

The new Jazz Journal website continues the tradition of the print edition and will develop over time an archive holding material from the last seven decades of publication. Initially, at least, it will be a free to view service.

As well as enabling JJ to communicate to a wider readership, the online format, in comparison to the print edition, allows for faster publication of news and reviews, links to relevant sources, social media interaction and ready site search for favourite players, recordings, compositions, articles, etcetera. It is expected that the archive, combined with new material and functionality across desktop, tablet and mobile, will create an unparalleled resource for jazz fans, students and researchers.

With the same team of writers, Jazz Journal expects to maintain a lot of the old character in the new format and hopes that readers will find in the web version of Jazz Journal the same enjoyment they found in the print edition and more.

Jazz Journal hopes that subscribers will want to continue using and supporting JJ in its new format. However, the web experience may not suit all readers and any reader requiring a refund of the remainder of their print subscription should email the editor or write to Jazz Journal, Caxton House, Wellesley Road, Ashford, Kent, TN24 8ET, United Kingdom, giving full name and address, ideally by the end of January 2019.

Many thanks to those readers who have waived their claim to refund. Their generosity will help sustain Jazz Journal online in the coming months.