Bowman Trio: Persistence

Eliane Elias: Love Stories

Hagood happening

Joachim Kühn: Melodic Ornette Coleman

The 75-year-old pianist can variously be heard with his New Trio, featuring Eric Schaefer and Chris Jennings – and with Archie Shepp, Michel Portal, Daniel Humair and...

Charlie Parker at 100: Chasin’ the Bird’s tone

I was eight years old when I first began to play the saxophone and since that time, I always remember my grandfather mentioning somebody named Charlie Parker....

Zappa’s ’Round Midnight?

That was a fine piece from Geoff Wills on the jazz elements of Frank Zappa’s music. Succinct but comprehensive. I’d like to add only...

Obituary: Ron Rubin

Obituary: Lee Konitz

Desire In Chromatic Harmony

Kenneth Smith has a brilliant new approach to understanding chromatic music. To grasp it, an academic background in music but also in philosophy...

JJ 06/59: Russia: Jazz-Ho?

'Jazz does not arouse strong, cheerful feelings, but on the contrary, suppresses them. It hypnotizes you with the deathly cold beat of a machine'

Willie Dixon: I Am The Blues

This is a live studio performance by a group of mainly veteran Chicago bluesmen led by Leonard "Baby Doo" Caston and fronted by Willie Dixon, who sings...