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      Frank Kimbrough: Monk’s Dreams – The Complete Compositions

      Thelonious Sphere Monk was born just over a century ago. Frank Kimbrough has produced a remarkable six-disc tribute featuring virtually all Monk's compositions, which number about 70. (Pieces not...

      Fini Bearman: La Loba


      Sonny Berman: among the titans

      After President Roosevelt signed the Selective Training and Service act in 1940, big band leaders began recruiting very young replacements for sidemen drafted into the armed forces. Stan Getz...

      Still Clinging To The Wreckage 04/20

      Thanks to its anchoring by Alyn Shipton, BBC Radio Three’s Jazz Record Requests has a permanency in the jazz calendar bestowed on it by Alyn’s balanced gravitas and stable...

      Obituary: Brian Peerless

      Count Me In 11/19


      Universal Tonality: The Life And Music Of William Parker

      If an antidote to apathy consists of work and proselytizing, then bassist, composer, bandleader, activist and organiser William Parker embodies that antidote. Cisco Bradley has achieved much in simply...

      The Look Of Jazz


      JJ 07/79: Jazz-Rock Fusion, The People – The Music

      With jazz-rock, also known as fusion music, now such a popular and commercially viable prospect — for both musicians and record companies — it must come as no surprise...

      Motherless Brooklyn

      Actor Edward Norton secured the rights to Jonathan Lethern’s best-selling novel Motherless Brooklyn on publication in 1999. Exactly 20 years later he brings it to the screen in the...

      Count Basie: Live