JAF Trio: JAF Trio

The self-titled debut album from this award-winning Finnish-Danish combo was issued in July on Helsinki-based cutting-edge We Jazz Records and is available on...

Does humour belong in music?

You probably know the story about Al Cohn. Bill Crow tells it in his book Jazz Anecdotes. Cohn was on tour in Europe, and in Denmark he...

Obituary: John Cumming

British jazz promoter who facilitated first UK visits for numerous American artists and was key in the creation of the Bracknell and London jazz festivals

Obituary: Bob Wilber

Desire In Chromatic Harmony

Kenneth Smith has a brilliant new approach to understanding chromatic music. To grasp it, an academic background in music but also in philosophy...

JJ 10/59: Gil Evans – New Bottle Old Wine

Gil Evans has become an important figure in jazz, partly by virtue of an important work he has done with Miles Davis, but equally for his overall...

Norah Jones: Live at Ronnie Scott’s

Jones’s Come Away With Me album was a great example of highly effective music marketing, using what might seem like the most unlikely of techniques - selling...

Green Book