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      Anders Hagberg: North


      Xavier Reija: Dreamscape Room

      Best known for the post-metal power trio heard on 2014’s Resolution, and his uncompromising XaDu duo with guitarist Dusan Jevtovic, Xavi Reija can easily divide opinion. John Adcock’s review...

      Grant Green: Grantstand


      Blood, Sweat And Fred

      More people should know about Fred Lipsius. He’s an excellent alto saxophonist, as well as playing tenor sax and piano and arranging and composing. Of course, he had quite...

      Obituary: Annie Ross

      Born into show business, Annie Ross had a long career with extraordinary highs and dark lows that saw her perform and excel in many areas. She was born Annabelle...

      Obituary: Henry Grimes

      Obituary: John Oddo


      Jazz And Cricket: An Unlikely Combination

      Despite England’s woeful end in the cricket last month against India, Matthew Wright’s new book, drawing on the perhaps unusual yet prevalent connections between jazz and cricket is both...

      The Look Of Jazz


      JJ 06/69: Woody Herman in concert in the UK

      Although a certain amount of current pop material now rubs shoulders in the repertoire with original jazz scores and the Herman 'classics', the basic style of the band is...

      JJ 02/61: Brubeck Re-visited


      Up From The Streets – New Orleans: The City Of Music

      “The street has the beat; and the beat embodies the rhythm; and the rhythm embodies the culture.” Jazz drummer Herlin Riley’s insight into the connection between music and New...

      Motherless Brooklyn