Obituary: Geoff Castle

Rich Perry: Other Matters

Ahmad Jamal: Ballades

Diana Torti w. Sabino de Bari: On a Cloud

It was a relief to open the gatefold halfway through listening to this and encountering the name of Jeanne Lee, since that is exactly what I had...

Bill Evans: The East End

Trumping the future: The Manchurian Candidate

Richard Condon’s book The Manchurian Candidate was published in 1959 and quickly became a best-seller. It was described by The New Yorker as “a wild and exhilarating...

Obituary: Wallace Roney

Though Miles Davis didn’t give lessons to young trumpeters, he made an exception for Wallace Roney, a talented young man from Philadelphia, gifted with perfect pitch, but...

Count Me In 04/20

Brilliant Bernhart

Desire In Chromatic Harmony

Kenneth Smith has a brilliant new approach to understanding chromatic music. To grasp it, an academic background in music but also in philosophy...

JJ 08/60: Miles Davis: Walkin’

This record contains some of the finest modern jazz ever put on record. The period was a particularly good one for Miles Davis....

Count Basie – Through His Own Eyes

This is an excellently assembled documentary which tells us a good deal more about Basie as a person than could be gleaned from...