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John Pittman: Kinship

Natacha Atlas: Strange Days

The crossroads of jazz and Arabic music are an unexplored outpost to most Western listeners, besides maybe the work of French-Lebanese trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf, Tunisian oud player...

Hermeto Pascoal, that crazy Brazilian albino

Hermeto Pascoal is an enigma. He creates music out of almost any object that he can get his hands on, from his beard to a knife and...

The source of Resonance’s Dolphy tapes

Derek Ansell's review of the Eric Dolphy set on Resonance states that Dolphy left his box of tapes from which this music was drawn with James Newton...

Desire In Chromatic Harmony

Kenneth Smith has a brilliant new approach to understanding chromatic music. To grasp it, an academic background in music but also in philosophy...

JJ 03/70: Mike Osborne at the London Musical Club

A few of the musicians and composers who reside at the London Musical Club decided that weekends there were a bit too quiet. One girl who patronizes...

JJ 05/89: Jazz awards

Green Book

Fifty-six years after LBJ officially ended racial discrimination in the USA with the pen-stroke that signed the Civil Rights Act, the years immediately preceding February 1964 are...