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For many years he has written books and 49 had been published by the end of 2022. More than half of these are crime fiction, the non-fiction books are mainly on cinema and jazz. Long ago there were a few television plays and more recently a stage play. For a number of years he worked with Colin Larkin on his Encyclopedia of Popular Music and the BTOE, contributing 5-6000 entries to these projects. His first Jazz Journal article was in the mid-1970s, record reviews beginning a decade later. His jazz books include a biography of Gene Krupa and three books in collaboration with Mike Pinfold: The Jazz Singers, The Big Band Years and Singing Jazz. Other than jazz, he enjoys the blues, opera, old country, gospel, R&B, and popular songs of the 1930s and 40s.

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Significant in being the first album from a leading figure, Simone's long-playing debut is often a dreary disappointment

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What’s wrong with easy listening?

Mr. P.C. has his charms. For one thing, he is relaxed, almost preternaturally so. 'Como doesn't just sing behind the beat, he makes you feel he has yet to...

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My main CD transport is a Kenwood CD7090. A CD player is indeed a basic thing, and the Kenwood meets all required parameters. Except that, perhaps like your CD...

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The former drummer with Bobby Troup, Anita O'Day and others has assembled into a book 52 articles illuminating Mulligan's work and life

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Thirty years ago, Ron Salmon thought the reedman's latest flawed but successful in lifting spirits and in parts rather beautiful

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This multi award-winning documentary film by Bruce Spiegel was eight years in the making, and features over 40 interviews, including some with those who were closest to Evans, whether...

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