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Brubeck: out-distancing Mozart

A genius is someone who changes the course of history. In Dave's case, musical history, says Jack Reilly

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The flute in jazz - who was first?

We're all familiar with the numerous modern exponents of the jazz flute such as Eric Dolphy, James Moody and Hubert Laws but who were the earliest players? JJ writer George Hulme makes a list

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Jed ahead?

As the 2012 festival season approaches David Hays of Mainstem Records asks where are the local jazz visionaries to compare with Jed Williams or Jean-Louis Guilhaumon?

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Christmas listening?

Gavin Allison opens the bidding for favourite Christmas Day 2011 jazz listening

Great things for jazz

Reader Tony Caldicott finds JJ's printing and photographs 'brilliant' and asks for more on another jazz great, Norman Granz

Bucharest fest invites players

The EUROPAfest in Bucharest invites bands to apply to appear in May 2012

Jazz and alpha-male fundamentalism

Reader Andrew Beddall asks the question on everyone's lips: why the male domination of jazz?

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Overdue reissues

In his article in JJ October 2011 Simons Adams lamented the absence in CD format of important LPs issued since the 1960s. Several readers responded with their own ideas for the modern LP most deserving of CD reissue

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BBC's jazz graveyard

Reader Dave Taylor laments BBC R3 Jazz Library's move nightwards

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Jazz Library, Radio 3

Reader Alan Greengrass copied us for publication on correspondence he recently sent to Lord Patten and others

Jazz DVD region codes

Reader Gordon Sapsed comments on region formats on DVDs recently reviewed in JJ

Jazz name doubles

Reader John Major adds more examples of jazz players with the same name

Spike Heatley's 2011 UK tour

Several readers were thrilled to catch bassist Spike Heatley when he returned from Brittany for UK dates this summer

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Let's have a Rod Levitt reappraisal

Reader Rodney Millard says we should revisit the work of the 1960s Rod Levitt Octet

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DVD poll?

Reader Tony Pearson reckons we should start an annual DVD poll

Improvisation? Does it matter?

Reader Tony Roberts says we shouldn't be obsessed by that word

Jazz on Sky Arts 2

Reader Alan Gibbs is delighted to find so much jazz coverage on Sky Arts 2

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Sportiello's Concorde hit

Reader Gordon Sapsed with a snapshot (and photo!) of Rossano Sportiello at the Concorde Club, Eastleigh

Let's have more on Clarence Shaw

Reader Dave Taylor trumpets the work of the former Charles Mingus brassman

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Mystery music

Who's in the clip?

Herty thanks

Reader Peter Howard acclaims the Herts Jazz Club, newly revived by Clark Tracey and staging the first Herts Jazz Festival in August 2011

Miles with Lester shock

Reader Dave Taylor savours a rare Miles Davis recording with Lester Young and the MJQ

Why not 24-bit CD?

Reader Peter Griffin asks why CDs have to be recorded in 16-bit format

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Jon Hiseman and the end of bands

Jon Hiseman in April JJ on the state of the jazz business

That cover!

The Graham Bond Organisation cover on April JJ provokes video (ok, animated gif) response

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Shades of opinion

Bob Weir on a ’vicious diatribe’ against Randy Sandke's Where The Dark And The Light Folks Meet

Swing to the Net

Digby Fairweather defends Internet jazz radio

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