Cadillac prevails

Cadillac, the record label co-founded by the late London jazz enthusiast John Jack, is to continue, issuing new Mike Westbrook music from 1968

On its foundation in 1973 by John Jack and Mike Westbrook, Cadillac Records was a vehicle to release Westbrook’s albums after major labels had withdrawn support for the new generation of jazz artists. John Jack went on to develop it into a label that reflected his wide tastes and individualistic personality.

Whether issuing music by old friends Ken Colyer and Stan Tracey or albums by modern tyros Frank Lowe and David Murray and up and coming UK artists Andy Sheppard & Hornweb, Jack’s motivation was musical.

The current catalogue includes albums by the Crane River Jazz Band, Ken Colyer’s Jazzmen, the Joe Harriott Quintet, the Phil Lee/Jeff Clyne Duo, the Bobby Wellins Quartet, Dudu Pukwana and Bob Stuckey and the Dave Holdsworth/Liane Carroll Quartet.

When John Jack died, 7 September 2017, he was working on a number of projects for release. In order to bring some of these projects to light Cadillac will continue to trade, reissuing out of print recordings and bringing out never before issued recordings from Cadillac’s archive.

The first new release is a previously unissued live session by the Mike Westbrook Concert Band (sleeve pictured above right) – recorded on 25 May 1968 at Ronnie Scott’s Old Place in Gerrard Street which Jack was managing at the time. This was the final gig at the old place and was recorded on John’s birthday.

A tribute to the label’s founder and a reboot for Cadillac Records, the album will be released through distributor Discovery Records on 25 May 2018 - 60 years to the day from its recording.

Bruce Lindsay

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Posted by Chris Topley, 14 April 2018, 19:55 (1 of 2)

Good to see this being talked about but I must correct you when you say it's 60 years since the recording was made. It's actually 50 years. :)

Posted by Mark Gilbert, Editor, 16 April 2018, 7:50 (2 of 2)

Well spotted, Chris - it was in the original press release but we'll let it and your correction stand as an eternal reproach to the execrable fact-checking in this piece. Thanks, Ed.

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