Dan Tepfer

LJF 2019: Dan Tepfer


Timo Lassy: Big Brass (Live At Savoy Theatre Helsinki)

Finland’s leading saxophonist has released his strongest album. Twenty years ago, tenorman Lassy started off with the U-Street All Stars – a local Blue Note signing –...

HiFiLo: Speak Your Name

Border crossings: 50 years of ECM Records /1

‘Manfred Eicher and ECM have given invaluable opportunities for fresh musical ideas and experiences of lasting quality to reach listeners world-wide. What they have done over the...

Still Clinging To The Wreckage 03/20

Whatever has happened to Marty Grosz? Has he retired? A jazz musician in total command of his idiom, he is blessed with a unique sense of humour.

Obituary: Don Weller

Jazz Transatlantic Vol II: Jazz Derivatives And Developments In Twentieth-Century Africa

Gerhard Kubik's magisterial, groundbreaking study comprises two simultaneously published volumes, the product of nearly 60 years' fieldwork by this doyen of ethnomusicology. Volume...

JJ 03/60: In My Opinion – Nevil Skrimshire

This is one of a series of taped interviews with musicians, and critics, who are asked to give a snap opinion on a set of records played...

Sarah Vaughan: Live

Aged 50 at the time, 1974, Sarah Vaughan is in her vocal prime here. This release presents two television shows that were under the title Jazz From...